Alyssa Says:

I love Jason because everything and every day is better with him. He can always make me laugh, and I love coming up with new ways to make him smile. I love watching him as a father, and I feel beyond privileged to know I get to spend the rest of my life with him.


Jason Says:


That's what.



When we first started dating, Alyssa was working as a Park Ranger and living in Venice, FL with her canine companion, Bella (currently age 11). Jason was working as a Service Technician for the Florida Lottery and living in North Port, FL with his two children Susan (currently 10) and Michael (who just turned 8). Though it's been over 3 years and we all live together now, not much else has changed. Though the kids live with their mom half of the time, all of us have enjoyed the adventure of navigating our new family. And while Bella is totally okay having all of Alyssa and Jason's attention to herself, she is always excited about the energy and extra love she gets when Susan and Michael are home!


NOVEMBER 30, 2019

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